Together we can reach your Goals


We coach athletes for basic strength training and offers sport specific training plans for Triathlons (Sprint to Ironman, Running (5K to Marathon), Cycling (Road Only) and general fitness goals.


Coaching for beginners to experienced.


Triathlon coaching and fees.


 Personalized Training Plan geared towards your goals, abilities and lifestyle.

 Detailed Initial consultation to evaluate performance and discuss season goals.

 Unlimited e-mail contact.

 Monthly phone/Skype consultation.

 Evaluation of your technique/form in swimming, biking and running.

 Free Workout Log with Training Peaks

 Monthly analysis of your training.


 Monthly Cost:  $175 (min 3 months)


 One on One skills sessions:

 $55/hour private session

 $80/hour semi private two person session

 $85/hour semi private three person session

 $95/hour semi private four person session

 (athlete is responsible for additional facility entry fees, etc.)


 Online coaching: $100 a month (min 3 months)

Monthly phone/Skype consultation.


 Don't know what you want/need? Call for a consultation.