I met Jeannete as my boot camp instructor.  I quickly realized her enthusiasm for triathlons, and was intrigued by this challenging sport.  Jeannete was beside me every step of the way as I prepared for my first full Ironman triathlon.  She prepared my weekly schedules then checked my progress often via an online training program.  I had never hired a coach before so I was not accustomed to anyone else monitoring my results.  If I did not record my workout statistics timely, she would send me a quick text because she needed to know how I was progressing.  Jeannete meet me in the pool to watch my stroke then gave me great pointers to improve my swimming.  She invited me to several rehearsals and open water swims that I would have never experienced without her vast insight to this sport.  Throughout the months leading up to my big race, she was available for all my questions and had solutions that worked.  On race day, she was as elated as I was to make it to Transition 2 and off the bike (my weakest discipline).  She cheered me on throughout the run even when I meet serious dehydration problems.  Jeannete came onto the coarse when there was a threat I wouldn't make the final cutoff.  She ran with me, gave me my finisher's metal, and made sure I got the medical attention I needed.  I would not have attempted such a challenge without Jeannete.  I would not be so prepared on race day without her training and motivation.  I would not be an Ironman without Jeannete Hickok.


Mindy, Centennial, CO


2015 was a much different year and proved that a coach is so much more than a workout manager.  2015 was the year that didn't go as planned.  I signed up for an early season 13.1 and began training with Jeannete 8 weeks before.  I P.R.ed that race by 15 minutes and felt great.  But the rest of the year was a roller-coaster ride of illnesses, family events and heartbreaking news.  Through it all Jeannete moderated my schedule, lowering the intensity when I was ill, working around my crazy schedule and giving me a much needed push and shove when just getting off of the couch seemed impossible.  She became as much therapist as coach, guiding me through panic attacks in the water and providing a listening ear when times got tough while gentling keeping me on task to reach my goals.

My A race this year wasn't the one I had planned but a last minute substitute.  Jeannete went above and beyond, giving up a Sunday with her family to come cheer her athletes through a very long day!  Seeing her smiling face and hearing her cheer for me through each loop of the bike made a tough ride a little easier.  She even rode her bike out to the run course to check on me and provided some much needed encouragement through the last mile when I felt I had nothing else left.  This was a tough year for me, I really don't think I could have done it without such an amazing coach!  Thank you so much for your time, your effort and your endless energy!


Sarah Jarvis, Denver, CO


For me it worked great with coaching over the internet. Jeannete quickly adjusted my training schedule from week to week according to specific needs, physical status as well as work and family situation. Jeannete encouraged, supported and pushed me to perform my best on a high level and was very responsive to my needs. After a year of dedicated training I accomplished my first Iron Man in Kalmar 2015, better than my set goal time.


Kristian, Sweden