Jeannete is an amazing coach! She has taken me from a non-swimmer and non-biker, to be able to finish a half Ironman in about two years!!  I’m an amateur athlete who mostly runs half marathons for fun. After training for a marathon that ended with an injured hamstring, Jeannete taught me how to swim and took me on a triathlon journey, and I never looked back.

I was able to not only finish my 70.3 race (which was my goal), but a lot faster than I thought I could! She was there for my whole journey leading up to the race and taught me not only how to train, but about nutrition and the importance of rest.

Jeannete is cheerful, encouraging, inspirational, helpful and knowledgeable. She really listens when you have questions, gives advice when appropriate and constantly inspires you to do better. She has truly changed my life, I know she will change many more.


 Camilla Manly, Denver, CO


I’m a former soccer player who became a triathlete with Jeannete as my coach. Jeannete is very knowledgeable, but furthermore, she is very good with communicating her knowledge to a very satisfying understanding. I believe she understands my needs. She is able to see my strength as well as weaknesses.  Jeannete is a very inspiring and motivational coach and I recommend her highly."



Elin Rennerfelt, Denver, CO


In the spring of 2014, I realized that my 55-year-old body was aging faster than it should: I was gaining weight, losing strength, and becoming old before my time. My wife encouraged me to try to find an organized fitness program, because all the good intentions in the world weren't getting me to work out by myself. It just so happened that Goodson Recreation Center, near my home, was offering a morning outdoor "boot camp" fitness program run by personal trainer Jeannete Sörensen Hickok. So I paid a very reasonable monthly fee for the privilege of being run ragged by Jeannete every Tuesday and Thursday morning at various outdoor locales. It was very hard at first, and there were mornings when I felt utterly spent. But Jeannete always offered an interesting and effective program, and I began to see results pretty quickly. A year later, I have lost 25 pounds and am in the best shape I've been in for at least 5 years. What's really eye-opening is that I don't have to jog for hours on end - in fact, I run a lot less than I used to - but instead I am getting in shape through two carefully-programmed, high-intensity hours a week. I can't say enough about Jeannete and her motivational and interesting workout sessions. -



Rolf Asphaug, Centennial, Colorado